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Leadership as a mindset.

Updated: Jan 24

I remember walking into a room to observe how a particular team worked together at a previous organization. In the meeting, there was a team leader and 5 project managers working to deliver a project to the client. I watched intently as the team split up the roles of the project, how they documented the process, and how they scheduled each piece of the project deliverable. At the end of the meeting, I asked who is the team leader here? The entire group glared at me, smiled, and then one person said, “A great leader facilitates learning, allows others to lead, and guides a process.” This leader was absolutely correct!

The alpha wolf leading the pack.
Leader of the wolf pack, wolves work together as one the leader simply guiding.

I would like to compare this to the science of agriculture. In agriculture, every living thing competes for resources. If there are not enough resources, then some organisms will cease to thrive. This was my big takeaway from the entire interaction – be careful that you don’t cast a shadow so big that your shadow inhibits the growth of others. Move over a little bit so that each one of your staff members has the opportunity to grow!

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