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Palestine TX Office Phones, Digital Marketing, Website Design, Fiber Optic & Connectivity, IT Consulting,and Network Services. Anderson County.


Welcome to our hub in Palestine, Texas – your gateway to advanced connectivity and tech solutions! Explore the possibilities with our fiber optic and connectivity services, expert IT consulting, top-notch network services, cutting-edge VoIP office phones, and dynamic social media management. Elevate your digital presence through our tailored digital marketing strategies and let our skilled team craft a captivating website for you. Discover a comprehensive suite of technology services right here in Palestine. Connect with us for innovation, reliability, and unparalleled support. 


VoIP Office Phones

Website Design

Social Media Marketing

Fiber Optic & Connectivity

IT Consulting

Network Services

The Team

Meet our powerhouse team in Palestine! They are a dedicated group of professionals passionate about delivering top-tier technology solutions. From fiber optic experts to IT consultants, network gurus, and creative minds in web design, we bring a diverse skill set to meet your every need. Our commitment extends beyond connectivity – we specialize in VoIP office phones, social media management, and cutting-edge digital marketing. Get to know the faces behind the innovation and discover why our team at Palestine is your ultimate partner for tech excellence.

Tracy P., Palestine, TX

"I wanted to grow our family business with social media posts and interactions.  I have no experience in these areas, so I reached out to Ce-Telecom.  After taking the time to learn about our business and the message we want to communicate, our new sales rep, Jessica began to create posts.   She is very intuitive when it comes to posting.  She asks questions and is very creative with the products she creates.  Jessica is also available any time I have ideas.  It surprises me how quickly she turns my ideas in posts or reels.  I feel like customers and potential customers are constantly learning about our family and business through these engagements.  I would highly recommend Jessica and CE-Telecom to any business owner."
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Sat.-Sun.: CLOSED

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